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In Home

Speech Therapy and Evaluations

You know what kids don’t like? Getting in the car and driving halfway around town only to sit in an unfamiliar, stale clinic environment. I imagine that’s not much fun for you either, right?

You know what’s a lot more fun, and productive? Saving time and energy while receiving a higher level of care, all in the safety and comfort of your own home. Our loving and dedicated speech therapists will show up at your door, on time – ready to make therapy a positive and fun experience for you both!   Learn more about in-home therapy here!

Parent Empowerment

At most clinics, parents aren’t invited to be present during their child’s therapy sessions.

And since they’re not even able to observe, they naturally feel disconnected from their child’s progress.

Does that sound crazy to you? Yea, it sounds crazy to us too.

That’s why at Walkie Talkie, you’re not only invited to observe,  you’ll actively participate in the entire therapy process. Along the way,  you’ll gain the necessary skills to help your child to progress throughout the week.

And why is this so critical? Because if you really think about it… 1 hour of therapy per week is only 2% of your child’s waking hours, and the other 98% of their time is spent with you, the parent.

Empowering YOU with the tools to help your child is what makes ALL the difference in their communication success.

Experienced Therapists

Our therapists don’t just LIKE kids, they LOVE kids! They’re all experienced, licensed, and mentored, and can’t wait to share their expertise with you and your little one. Meet some of them here!
We absolutely love (Therapist)! Not only has she taught our twins a lot, but she has provided us with so many amazing insights on parenting and speech acquisition. (Therapist) is innovative, creative, flexible, and energetic. She is always willing to take the extra time to explain things to us parents, and has been encouraging even while progress has been slow. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to work with (Therapist)! -T.R. (Parent)

(Therapist) is an amazing speech therapist! With unshakable patience and kindness, (Therapist) gently and firmly guides our 2 year old daughter and keeps her focused. She implements activities and music that are so much fun that our daughter doesn’t realize that she is learning a lot! Almost immediately after starting therapy, our daughter began talking much more and singing for the first time!! So exciting!!  I have been an early childhood teacher for many years and I learn new strategies at every session with (Therapist)! C.M. (Parent)

I absolutely love (Therapist)! She is a wonderful speech therapist and has helped my grandson with his speech greatly!!!!! She works well with my grandson and with his different moods that he can exhibit at 2 years old! -A.M. (Parent)

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