San Diego Speech Therapy Sessions

Work In-Person with a Professional

  • Participate in play-based therapeutic activities for speech and language learning both indoors and outdoors. The therapist will educate the attending family member on how to continue developing these skills throughout the week.
  • We provide services for children under the age of 5 years

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Available Speech Therapists:

Kayla Chalko

Kayla’s more than 10 years of professional experience, Early Intervention Speech Therapy specialization, and extensive training on Autism Spectrum Disorders means she’s passionate about educating and empowering children to communicate with confidence.



It depends on the person’s needs and their commitment to practicing speech therapy techniques daily. Anywhere from 3 to 12 months of weekly therapy is typical.

We are communication experts who have spent years in school learning how best to help people communicate effectively. We are dedicated to identifying what is hindering a person from talking and using research-based therapy techniques to improve that person’s ability to communicate. We have personally helped hundreds of families over the past few years. Read more here about how speech therapy can help your child talk.

Speech and language therapy is an important component in a multi-disciplinary team that typically works with a child with autism spectrum disorder. Almost all speech therapists work with children with autism and some specialize in this particular area of practice, including Kayla Chalko, creator of the course. Our team of specialists have personally helped scores of children with an autism diagnosis learn to communicate.

Speech and language therapy is the appropriate treatment for someone with a stutter or what is termed “dysfluency” or a fluency disorder. The goal of this type of treatment is to empower the client with an arsenal of tools to help them speak as fluently as possible. All speech-language pathologists are trained in fluency therapy techniques, but it is considered a speciality and you may want to consider being selective with who you hire to treat a fluency disorder.

Speech-language pathologists are trained in a variety of techniques to treat a large span of articulation disorders including all different types of lisps present in adults and children. Many clients who are dedicated to their treatment, overcome a lisp and learn to speak more articulately.

Speech therapy is the more common layman’s term for speech-language pathology, which is the professional term. Pathology is a more technical term which means “the science of the causes and effects of diseases and disorders.” Speech therapists or interchangeably speech-language pathologists spent years in school studying the cause and effects of various diseases and disorders that cause speech and language issues.

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