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Live Video Speech Therapy

Take a deep breath, because we've helped hundreds of children learn to communicate more effectively and would love to help you too!


Sessions held via video or telephone are called telehealth, teletherapy, or telemedicine. 

We are now offering video therapy for families who are residents of California. Don’t let distance hold you back from getting the help you need. We can’t wait to coach you on practical, research-based techniques and tasks to improve your communication.

Here’s just one example of how our team creates unique lesson plans for video therapy.

Click below to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with Kayla Chalko, the Director and licensed speech-language pathologist, to discuss how we can best meet your needs. 

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5 Star Reviews on Yelp!

Kayla is an amazing speech therapist! With unshakable patience and kindness, she gently and firmly guides our 2 year old daughter and keeps her focused. She implements activities and music that are so much fun that our daughter doesn’t realize that she is learning a lot! Almost immediately after starting therapy, our daughter began talking much more and singing for the first time!! So exciting!! I have been an early childhood teacher for many years and I learn new strategies at every session with Kayla!

—Cari M.

In the last 5 months, Kayla has turned my son from a toddler who couldn’t play with toys or engaged with people to someone who plays with instruments, sings, smiles, engages in play with other people, uses his imagination, follows directions and is patient. When we started he couldn’t even sit still or pay attention long enough to teach him. She really changed his life and our life for the better. She is positive and informative. Always gave us great tips and tricks and my favorite was the company’s YouTube channel, which we will continue to subscribe to. Thank you so much!

—Madeline P.

Kayla was such a big help to our family! My son did speech with her for about 9 month, and went from being a frustrated toddler trying to say what he wants, to a chatter box. The best part of speech was that she taught us how to help our son with his speech. The tips and tricks she gave us are now helping our second child excel in speech! She is 16 months and already says two to three word combinations. Watching our two kids talk to each other is so precious and a lot of it has to do with Kayla’s help!

—Daniella S

Frequently Asked Questions

We happily work with clients of all ages and stages. We work with parents of children between the ages of 2 and 5. For special cases, we may accept clients younger or older.

Sessions are thirty minutes.

The first session is a required one-hour speech and language evaluation. We’ll ask the client questions as well as administer a well-respected assessment tool to determine the level of delay and the treatment goals and recommendations. Evals will include a professional report emailed to the client within one week.

It depends on the person’s needs and their commitment to practicing speech therapy techniques daily. Anywhere from 3 to 12 months of weekly therapy is typical.

We are excited to be offering this service to residents of California as this is where our therapists are licensed to practice.

For children under the age of 3, a video session is spent mainly on parent coaching. We are highly supportive of the research that shows that parents who receive specialized training can and do make excellent teachers for their children. During the secure video chat sessions, the child may also be present, and the therapist can make evaluations and recommendations off of their observations.

For children over the age of 3, the children are much more involved in the sessions, and the therapist will guide the parent through some structured play-therapy activities over video chat.

Payments are out-of-pocket, but Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are also accepted. Superbills provided upon request, which are receipts that parents may use to seek reimbursement from their insurance company. San Diego Regional Center Funding may also be accepted for clients with children under the age of 3 years.

All in-home and clinic-based therapy services are being paused until the COVID-19 situation improves in our community of San Diego, California.

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