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Welcome to a new age of speech therapy. We offer services both in-person and online.

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In-Person Speech Therapy

Meet with us in-person for speech therapy at our clinic space in San Diego, California.

Virtual Speech Therapy

Our therapists offer speech therapy appointments for California residents via video conference.

Private Coaching

Parents, Professionals and students can meet virtually with Kayla Chalko.

The days of long waitlists are finally over!

We’ve got you covered

With our modern approach to speech and language therapy, there’s never been a more comfortable way to get help. Join the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy family and start a stress-free speech therapy process.

Speech therapy in San Diego

“Kayla was such a big help to our family! My son did speech therapy with her for about 9 months and went from being a frustrated toddler trying to say what he wants, to a chatterbox. The best part of the sessions was that she taught us how to help our son with his speech. The tips and tricks she gave us are now helping our second child excel in speech! She is 16 months and already says two to three-word combinations. Watching our two kids talk to each other is so precious and a lot of it has to do with Kayla’s help!”

Daniella S.

Happy Parents

Speech therapy in San Diego

“Kayla is an amazing speech therapist! With unshakable patience and kindness, she gently and firmly guides our 2-year-old daughter and keeps her focused. She implements activities and music that are so much fun that our daughter doesn’t realize that she is learning a lot! Almost immediately after starting therapy, our daughter began talking much more and singing for the first time!! So exciting!! I have been an early childhood teacher for many years and I learn new strategies at every session with Kayla!”

Cari M.


“In the last 5 months, Kayla has turned my son from a toddler who couldn’t play with toys or engaged with people to someone who plays with instruments, sings, smiles, engages in play with other people, uses his imagination, follows directions and is patient. When we started he couldn’t even sit still or pay attention long enough to teach him. She really changed his life and our life for the better. She is positive and informative. Always gave us great tips and tricks and my favorite was the company’s YouTube channel, which we will continue to subscribe to. Thank you so much!?

Madeline P.

Your ?'s, Our answers


We are communication experts who have spent years in school learning how best to help people communicate effectively. We are dedicated to identifying what is hindering a person from talking and using research-based therapy techniques to improve that person’s ability to communicate. We have personally helped hundreds of families over the past few years. Read more here about how speech therapy can help your child talk.

This course is ideal for children between the ages of 12 months and 5 years. This is the crucial language learning period in a young child’s life and we are excited to share our expertise in how to maximize your child’s learning.

Our online speech therapy course is designed to educate parents on how they can boost their child’s speech development at home. Over 850 families have enrolled in our online course over the past 2.5 years. We receive daily messages from parents enrolled in the course who love sharing their success, including their child becoming more engaged, more social, understanding directions, imitating new sounds, and using words.

Speech and language therapy is an important component in a multi-disciplinary team that typically works with a child with autism spectrum disorder. Almost all speech therapists work with children with autism and some specialize in this particular area of practice, including Kayla Chalko, creator of the course. Our team of specialists have personally helped scores of children with an autism diagnosis learn to communicate.

Speech and language therapy is the appropriate treatment for someone with a stutter or what is termed “dysfluency” or a fluency disorder. The goal of this type of treatment is to empower the client with an arsenal of tools to help them speak as fluently as possible. All speech-language pathologists are trained in fluency therapy techniques, but it is considered a speciality and you may want to consider being selective with who you hire to treat a fluency disorder.

Speech-language pathologists are trained in a variety of techniques to treat a large span of articulation disorders including all different types of lisps present in adults and children. Many clients who are dedicated to their treatment, overcome a lisp and learn to speak more articulately.

Speech therapy is the more common layman’s term for speech-language pathology, which is the professional term. Pathology is a more technical term which means “the science of the causes and effects of diseases and disorders.” Speech therapists or interchangeably speech-language pathologists spent years in school studying the cause and effects of various diseases and disorders that cause speech and language issues.

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