Speech Therapy in San Diego

Passionate and Loving Speech Therapists Helping Your Child on the Path to Communication.

Why Families LOVE Us

1. Dedicated Speech Therapists

Our therapists don’t just LIKE kids, they LOVE kids! They’re all experienced and fully licensed. They can’t wait to share their expertise with you and your little one.

Read some of the parent reviews below and meet some our team of wonderful therapists here!

2. In-Home or Clinic Services

We offer two models of speech therapy for our families. One is where the therapist comes to your home and the other is where you come to our clinic space.

3. Parent Involvement

At most clinics, parents aren’t invited to be present during their child’s therapy sessions.

And since they’re not even able to observe, they naturally feel disconnected from their child’s progress.

Does that sound crazy to you? Yea, it sounds crazy to us too.That’s why at Walkie Talkie, you’re not only invited to observe, you’ll actively participate in the entire therapy process. Along the way, you’ll gain the necessary skills to help your child to progress throughout the week.

Interested in therapy in San Diego?

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