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What Play Skills Should My Child Have and How Can I Help Them?

Welcome to my conversation with Rose Griffin, Speech Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst. We’re talking about play skills in young children. I’m sure …


Bilingualism and Children: PART 2 Interview with Hanna Khoma | English Fluency Journey

Welcome to part 2 of my conversation with Hanna Khoma, a Trilingual mother and fellow YouTuber. We’re talking about bilingualism and some common concerns and …


Bilingualism and Children: Interview with Hanna Khoma | English Fluency Journey

Below you’ll find the content from the interview between Kayla Chalko, Speech-Language Pathologist and Hanna Khoma a mother and YouTuber. You can check out her …


Bilingualism and Cognitive Development

OK, in short, the truth is… the effects of bilingualism on children with or without a speech delay are ALL positive. There is no downside. …

keeping your preschooler engaged

Keep Your Preschooler Engaged: 5 Strategies that Work

After a year of navigating a pandemic, many families continue to be at home more than ever. For parents of preschoolers, activities that promote learning …

Should You Stop Speaking to Your Child in Your Native/Preferred Language thumbnail

Should You Stop Speaking to Your Child in Your Native or Preferred Language?

We often hear on the news that speaking more than one language has great benefits, such as increased mental flexibility. Yet, when it comes to …

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