Making a Difference, One Word at a Time

Adrianna, alongside her lovely 3-year old autistic son Austin, first started Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy in 2018.

The Challenge:

Austin was diagnosed with Autism in the summer of his first session. As a result of this diagnosis, he struggled with a speech delay, eye contact, and socialization skills. 

His mother faced the daunting challenge of teaching her son how to speak and socialize—it was an overwhelming experience at first. At 36 months, Austin’s vocabulary wasn’t yet at the 1000 word standard expected for his age. This left Adrianna feeling helpless as a parent who wanted the best for her son. 

When she came across the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy videos on YouTube, she immediately set up a trial session with Kayla and fell in love with the experience.

If I would’ve had access to this course before, I probably could have helped my child sooner.

Adrianna enrolled in Kayla’s course for parents.


The tips that Adrianna had learned and continues to learn from both Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy’s YouTube videos and the online speech therapy course helped both her and her son tremendously. 

By taking part in the online course, she was able to be a part of the process just as much as her son. 


Over the course of 8 months, Adrianna can already see an impact on her son’s speaking abilities. The simplicity of the course, combined with the engaging material and step-by-step guidance, has made a huge impact on Austin’s speech development.

Not only does Austin now have a more developed vocabulary, but he is speaking more frequently and enjoys his newfound confidence and speaking skills.

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It’s as if you’re tricking them into doing therapy.

Worried about your child and looking for a step-by-step guide?

Enroll in Kayla’s online course How to Teach a Toddler to Talk, designed for parents of late talkers and children with autism spectrum disorder.

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