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Speech Blubs app is developed by a speech-language pathologist and is meant to aid parents in practicing speech exercises with their kids at home. The company reached out to me and asked me to give my honest opinion on the app. 


After trying this app with four toddlers between the ages of 24 months and 40 months in speech therapy with me, my opinion in that it is a fun tool that is worth a try—especially a free trial like what the company consistently offers. I also asked their parents to try the app at home for a few days. The results were that for two of the kids, the activities didn’t keep their attention longer than 45 seconds, but they did repeat new sounds that we hadn’t heard them ever say before, so that was exciting. For the other two kids, the app held their attention for about 3 minutes at a time, and they learned a lot over time.


I liked the “early sounds activity” the best for my clients, and that has been the most useful of all of them. The best feature of the app, in my opinion, is that there are videos of real children saying the words out loud. It’s good for kids to see other kids doing something, and it is more motivating for kids to copy other kids rather than adults. Video modeling is well supported by research in our field. All the other activities are fun and cute, but I don’t recommend spending time on the “mouth gym activities” as these exercises do not have solid research to support their usefulness.


Overall this is a fun app to work on speech and language development. I think it is most helpful for parents to use in short chunks at home as a “homework assignment” in addition to speech therapy with a licensed professional. There are over 25 different types of activities to keep you and your child busy. 


As always, I do not recommend a lot of screentime for young kids, so this should be a special activity that is limited and used as a teaching tool with the parents helping in-person. Please don’t just hand your child the device and walk away, it is more than likely that your child may push buttons but not actually attempt to practice any words unless you personally encourage them to try. When I use an app with kids, I use it for a short period, maybe for 5 minutes max, and I hold the device the entire time while sitting across from the child, that way I am in control of the device.


I think it is more challenging to use the app with children who have short attention spans, autism spectrum disorder, and/or apraxia, but regardless, it is worth a try since the app is free for the first seven days! Every kid is different, so you never know. Give it a go!


Start your free trial here, and if you end up getting a subscription, I’ll get a small commission that will help me make more educational videos for you! 

Speech Blubs also has a blog with 200 articles, covering a variety of speech-related topics (speech, development, milestones, autism, tantrums, screen time, etc…). Check it out here.

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