Creative Idea for Picky Eaters

I’ve talked about some tips before for picky eaters it can be really challenging and I sympathize with you. Mostly I’ve talked about getting kids involved in the kitchen and then I thought.. wait, what about BEFORE the kitchen?! How about getting kids involved in growing the food you want them to eat?!

This just came into my mind because I’ve been growing mushrooms using this kit from Back to the Roots. This is not paid endorsement but when I am excited about a product and it sparks an idea for helping kiddos then I feel I just have to make a video and share!

So I was looking at this kit of mine and thought that if I think this is fun then kids would LOVE this. I would have loved it as a kid and I think I would have been more willing to try mushrooms if I had grown it myself with my parents. The best part is that it’s so simple, you could totally use this mushroom growing kit with your toddler.

All you do is 1) soak the kit in water, 2) set the kit by the window, and 3) spray it twice a day.  Seriously that is it. In only 2 days you will see little mushrooms forming and they are ready to harvest in 10 days. 

I suggest letting the kids to the watering, and the plucking off of the mushrooms. Then cook something simple and fun together like a pizza and I bet you they’ll be more likely to give the mushrooms a try since they got to actually help grow them.


Back to the Roots has a bunch of different things that you can grow inside, even in an apartment! All you need is a window and if you have a window then you can grow some herbs, chives, microgreens, and mushrooms. The coolest product is probably their fish aquarium that has plants growing from the top of the case.

Whether you get this or not really doesn’t matter to me but I did want to share my tip with you which is GROW YOUR OWN FOOD at HOME with your KIDDOS!

You’ll be teaching them so much about plants and I bet they’ll be more willing to try new flavors in the future after a fun gardening and cooking project like this. 

If you are interested in their products here is a link that will provide me with a little kickback from Amazon, which I can use to make more educational videos for you and your family! 

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