Having Fun With Recyclable Items: 5 Activities to Keep Your Kids Engaged At-Home

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are more resilient than we thought. Looking back at these past months, despite all the challenges we have faced, we continue to move forward and learn together. 

I know personally, adapting to this new normal has made me think more creatively about teaching and counseling. As we spend more time at home, finding fun activities with what we already have around the house can be an engaging way of thinking outside the box, and promoting learning.

Here are a few ways you can take everyday recycled items in your home and transform them into vehicles-for-fun for your kiddies at home. 

The Telescope Toilet Paper Roll

Hold up the roll to your eye, and voila! You’ve got yourself a simple telescope. From the comfort of your home, your kids can become explorers in a game like I-Spy. 

I especially love I-Spy because it’s such a fun and engaging teaching tool. Children can learn new vocabulary and directional cues as you move around the home and point out specific objects. 

Your homemade telescope opens a whole new world to explore for young kids just starting to learn new things like shapes or colors. Even small spaces will feel like entire universes of new and exciting treasures to discover!

The Magician’s (Tissue) Box

As you collect these treasures around the house, you’ll need somewhere to put them. Luckily, during the colder seasons, there will be no shortage of empty tissue boxes to use as your treasure box or “magician’s box.”

You can take these mundane cardboard boxes and decorate them with your little ones to create a beautiful and unique vessel for everything they find during your game of I-Spy. 

All Aboard the Egg Carton Train 

Egg cartons are great recycled items to encourage organization. Children can store their treasures inside the little cups and learn how to categorize different objects depending on their characteristics like shape, color, and textures. 

This is incredibly valuable for kids with higher cognitive skills. At the kindergarten or pre-school level, teaching categories can help build those complex language  skills needed for distinguishing commonalities and patterns of likeness.  

Reading and Recycling: Unique Introduction to Animals

Wet wipe containers have become a staple item on my shopping list, so finding them around my house is a given. Instead of tossing one the empty ones, transform the durable container into a cute little animal friend for your kids. Trust me, they’ll love it. 

You can also accompany your new animal friend with a great book! Check out my original children’s books that combine unique hand-painted illustrations and stories that teach communication and effective speech skills for families. 

Head Outside and Explore Nature’s Playscape

Kids don’t need much but an active imagination and a willingness to learn.  During these playtimes, take advantage of the beautiful outdoors! 

Getting the kids out of the house and exploring your surroundings in a safe and socially distant way can change the pace of life at home. Plus, you get that excellent vitamin D!

Playing outside or giving new life to recyclable items helps build valuable cognition, communication, vocabulary, and speech skills. Also, mixing in online-classes can boost this at-home learning.

Creativity and Online Learning: The Perfect Blend of At-Home Education and Play

I know it can be challenging to find new fun and engaging activities to do when you can’t go and interact with the outside world or meet up for play dates like you used to. You are doing your best for your kids, and it shows. 

Take some stress off with online supplemented education. Here at Walkie Talkie, we love learning and specialize in making speech therapy fun. Blending creative teaching methods and professional guidance, your child can get an added level of personalized learning while we all work from home. 

Check out our Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy blog to learn about more fun at-home activities you can try or visit our website to schedule an online consultation with us to boost remote learning.


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