5 New Words and More Engagement

Irene is the parent to a 19-month-old baby who at 16 months, struggled to find her voice

The Challenge:

As a military family, Irene had limited resources when it came to helping her daughter speak. At 16 months, her daughter’s vocabulary should have included nearly 30 words, but instead, only included 3. 

However, Irene didn’t lose hope. She searched for tips online and came across the Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy YouTube videos and fell in love with how much they worked for her daughter. This prompted her to purchase their How to Teach My Toddler to Talk course and further her daughter’s progress.

"It's just such an amazing tool!"


The course only furthered her daughter’s speaking abilities by providing a breakdown of the games, songs, and activities that are beneficial learning tools for her child. 

Both Irene and her daughter learned the step-by-step process that goes into learning new words and sounds and built a long-lasting relationship out of it.

Irene enrolled in Kayla Chalko’s course for parents.


Three months later and her daughter now knows 8 words, engages in conversation, and has good eye contact while doing it. 

While there is still more to learn, what she has learned so far and continues to learn through Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy’s online speech therapy course is remarkable.

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"Thank you so much, Kayla."

Worried about your child and looking for a step-by-step guide?

Enroll in Kayla’s online course How to Teach a Toddler to Talk, designed for parents of late talkers and children with autism spectrum disorder.

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