Surpassing Standards & Achieving New Confidence

Susan is the mother to a young boy who expressed his verbal frustration through tantrums and hitting behaviors.

The Challenge:

As a current user of Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy online course, Susan was well aware of the positive impact the course has on her child. Her son was a late talker and was taking part in the How to Teach a Toddler to Talk course.

However, when her son started exhibiting tantrums and hitting behaviors, she immediately contacted Kayla for some added guidance.

"I find your videos extremely useful and encouraging."


Kayla graciously directed Susan to the free YouTube videos by Walkie Talkie Speech Therapy on behavior management. Susan and her husband watched them all and immediately put the tips to use.  

The tips on what to do and look out for in their son’s behavior proved to be a great success with their son.


In just two days, the hitting stopped. His communication and social skills improved and were continuing to do so. 

Every day he gets a little bit better and his improvement isn’t going unnoticed. Even their son’s pediatrician was pleased with the boy’s progress.

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Worried about your child and looking for a step-by-step guide?

Enroll in Kayla’s online course How to Teach a Toddler to Talk, designed for parents of late talkers and children with autism spectrum disorder.

"We have definitely seen some big improvements regarding pointing, requesting, and repeating words. "

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