3 Ways to Celebrate Diversity with Kids

Expanding the Toys = Expanding the Mind

With current events in mind, I have taken a hard look at my therapy materials and realized that I needed to make more of an effort to have culturally diverse materials. As I’ve done some research, I’ve found 3 ways I can make my therapy environment more diverse and wish I had done this before. I wanted to share these cool finds with you all as well so you could consider them for your therapy room or your child’s play room!

1. More Diverse Books

I found this book a few months back at Target and I found it really inspirational. I am Perfectly Designed has a beautiful message for all. I was pleasantly surprised to find there were several culturally diverse books at Target that day.

2. More Diverse Colors 

I was very excited to find this multicultural set of crayons on Amazon. In all my years attending school as a kid and an adult, I never once saw a variety of skin tones available, which saddens me. I am glad I am now aware of this and can provide my students with a full range of beautiful colors.

3. More Diverse Dolls

Wow! Look at these darling dolls. These are called Selma’s Dolls and they represent culture, religion, and special needs. The blond doll actually represents a child with Down’s Syndrome. What a wonderful way to represent and celebrate diversity through play. Each doll is sold separately with a book, “Selma’s First Day of School.”

These are just three small ways I am trying to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism in my therapy practice. I feel very honored to be apart of the process of developing of young minds and am trying to do my best with that responsibility. It is my hope that by expanding the toys available to my kiddos, I’ll be apart of expanding their minds for the better.

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